22 Oct
Why waking up early is so hard? I will not get up until the last possible moment. I like staying in bed but not walking on my feet or even sitting😭 I love staying in bed all they long!!! But I regret later for not getting up earlier and feel guilty for it😩😩😩 it’s hard, I want to blame my back ache for it, but deep down I know it’s not because of that!!! Can anyone suggest something they’ve tried and worked for them please?
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22 Oct
Don’t beat yourself up. I do the exact same thing too. I gave many techniques to starting the morning off right. I try to stick to this guide, but I forget a lot. 1. Open eyes, take some deep breaths. 2. Still in bed, do stretches. 3. Use rest room if needed. Lol DEEP BREATHING. Meditation. 5 minutes. 4. Gratitude. Think of a few things you are grateful for. (Your warm bed, your pet, the beautiful weather..) 5. Start your day -NO INTERNET OR NEWS for 30-45 minutes. Get coffee, breakfast. 6. Ok check your email already.
22 Oct
End your day with 30 minutes of No screen time Just before sleep also contributes.
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