30 Sep
I repeatedly read the phrase "feel your feelings" often followed by "but don't be your feelings." I'm curious, because our emotions are all wicked out, ought we to even feel them? Can we simply acknowledge our feelings, admit they are present and go about out current business, not deny or reject them, not hate the hard or the bad ones, not get upset for having them, but simply treat them as sticks floating by in the river of our consciousness, watch them flow down the stream, around a bent and gone. What are your thoughts on this?
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30 Sep
It's an interesting phrase that you shared. From my perspective it means to reflect and identify your emotions, but have self awareness that allows you to moderate these emotions and don't let it consume your behaviour to the point that it might be harmful. I think very often in our lives we do practice the same. Take anger for example - we feel it, we know it's there, but often we choose to make the judgement that expressing the anger, or letting it consume our behaviour won't be right. What do you think, Larry?
1 Oct
Good question. I have struggled with this previously especially anger and it can consume you and it colours every interaction you have with others. So for me it means feel the emotion, but don’t let it consume you.
17 Oct
I really struggle with this too. I have a habit of ruminating on feelings, which is basically sinking into a pile of goo when I feel like goo rather than continuing my day while holding kindness and compassion for myself. It's harder when I dissociate like today where I have the drive to do work and productive things but can't seem to shake the heavy weight of my thoughts
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