17 Sep
I can’t stop crying I’m drunk I’m not supposed to drink with my meds and I got cheated on I need to feel comfortable and I don’t I feel unsafe I just want a hug but be fing another girl
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17 Sep
I really hope that someone else has responded to you before now, but if they haven’t please please stop drinking. And message a guide or supervisor to find the best group for you would be. I think it’s the relationship one. I know if you join that group, someone will reach out to you. @hello-k
Evergreen Tree
17 Sep
call some helplines its totally anonymous and they can help you during this tough time and yea drinking and meds are the worse thing that you could do, drugs as well are you around people who are an influence to drinking? if yes i would recommend distancing yourself from them and if they are do they know you cant drink? do they pressure you to drink? if they pressure again distance but if they respect it thats good drink heaps of water, eat some food, have a nice hot long shower and wait the alcohol to pass itl be okay we’ve all been thru this and at the end of the day we make it
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