30 Sep
Why is it so hard to settle down and finally get to love someone and be happy and at peace like I want to be?I just think like this I’m at a level where a lot of people are looking up at me and can’t reach my level of understanding so they stop trying and give up.I am not saying that I’m better than the next person but what I mean is I come from an old school level of respect class and dignity I was told not to judge anyone just by their appearance and learn to respect them for what they have inside.That’s the problems others society this day and age some men and women alike do not know how to respect or another they just care about getting laid and do not understand that people have have genuine feelings they only care about what you look like and if they think you are not their type even before getting to know you or speak to you they judge you and pass you up.Oh he’s too short for me he must be 6 feet taller or better and must have muscles a lot of money a car a house a job before he can talk to me and guys are like she has to be this much weight and I’ll consider talking to her or they will talk to her on a dare and just want to see if they can have sex with her.I’m just speaking the truth there is no more compassion nor understanding and no communication of feelings and people instead of talking w each other face to face would rather text and cuss each other out and call one another names and cheat on one another when they have a loving partner at home I seriously am sad that I’m alone and single but I rather be that way then be ridiculed and judged by the way I look society is cruel and there is nothing anyone can say to change my mind that’s why true love and happiness doesn’t exist and if it does it’s rare rant over
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30 Sep
It is defo harder these days with social media and the way people have become like you said. And sadly many base on looks and not personality and knowing about the person. Not every one is like this but yes I do agree relationships are rare and harder these days.
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