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Northeast Health Partner members can now easily tap into the online community that uses AI to pair you with real people who can help because they've been there too. Feel cared for 24/7.

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Wisdo is an award winning platform that uses AI to connect you with real people who have been in your shoes and care about helping you.
No judgements, no bots, just genuine members like you
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Connect with people who’ve been there too and are ready to help
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Join communities that deal with health, family and life challenges

All Colorado adults ages 18+ now get
Wisdo Premium for FREE

Wisdo Premium gives you 30+ peer support communities, live group sessions with certified coaches to build healthier habits, connection with a Wisdo guide to get the most out of the app, and tools to track your progress.

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Download the Wisdo app and register anonymously to join 30+ communities.

Step 2 - Get connected

Answer a few questions so our AI can match you with other members who can help.

Step 3 - Get support 24/7

Get motivation and support from members with similar experiences and goals.

Step 4 - Track progress

Complete monthly check-ins to track and celebrate your growth.
Anonymous, safe and secure space to face your challenges
Track and celebrate your growth with other community members
Connect with a trained Wisdo Guide for 1-on-1 support


Research shows that Wisdo is effective in improving the mental health and quality of life. It is the only digital health app listed in the Surgeon General's report on the "Healing Effects of Social Connection and Community.”


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32,000+ reviews


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9 out of 10 would recommend Wisdo to others.


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Wisdo members report having 35% more healthy days.


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1.8M+ helpful connections made by Wisdo members in the app.

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Access to Wisdo is provided with the support of Peer Assistance Services, Inc., a Colorado-based non-profit organization. If you need assistance with accessing Wisdo, please email support@wisdo.com or call toll-free 1-855-947-3692.
If you are a Colorado-based organization interested in promoting free access to Wisdo to adults in Colorado, please contact us at info@wisdo.com
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